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A framework for understanding climate change impacts on coral reef social–ecological systems

Joshua Eli Cinner , Morgan Stuart Pratchett , Nicholas Anthony James Graham , Vanessa Messmer , Mariana Menezes Prata Bezerra Fuentes , et al.
Regional Environmental Change, 2016, 16 (4), pp.1133--1146. ⟨10.1007/s10113-015-0832-z⟩
Article dans une revue hal-01306704v1

Why Muslim Integration Fails in Christian–Heritage Societies

Claire L. Adida , David D. Laitin , Marie-Anne Valfort
Harvard University Press, 240 p., 2016
Ouvrages halshs-02923126v1

Turbulence, Firm Decentralization, and Growth in Bad Times

Philippe Aghion , Nicholas Bloom , Brian Lucking , Raffaella Sadun , John van Reenen
American Economic Journal: Applied Economics, 2021, 13 (1), pp.133-169. ⟨10.1257/app.20180752⟩
Article dans une revue halshs-03166697v1

The distribution of the Lasso: Uniform control over sparse balls and adaptive parameter tuning

Léo Miolane , Andrea Montanari
Pré-publication, Document de travail hal-01960945v1

The Quijote simulations

Francisco Villaescusa-Navarro , Changhoon Hahn , Elena Massara , Arka Banerjee , Ana Maria Delgado , et al.
Astrophys.J.Suppl., 2020, 250 (1), pp.2. ⟨10.3847/1538-4365/ab9d82⟩
Article dans une revue hal-02362603v1
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KG²B, a collaborative benchmarking exercise for estimating the permeability of the Grimsel granodiorite – Part 1: measurements, pressure dependence and pore-fluid effects

C. David , C Wassermann , Marc Fleury , Guillaume Berthe , Alexandra Amann-Hildenbrand , et al.
Geophysical Journal International, 2018, 215 (2), pp.799-824. ⟨10.1093/gji/ggy304⟩
Article dans une revue hal-01992587v1

Cultural and Economic Integration in France

Yann Algan , Camille Landais , Claudia Senik
Yann Algan; Alberto Bisin; Alan Manning; Thierry Verdier. Cultural Integration of Immigrants in Europe, Oxford University Press, 2012, 9780199660094
Chapitre d'ouvrage halshs-00846979v1
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Balancing California's Grid Without Batteries

Neil Cammardella , Joel Mathias , Matthew Kiener , Ana Bušić , Sean Meyn
57th IEEE Conference on Decision and Control (CDC 2018), Dec 2018, Miami, United States
Communication dans un congrès hal-01968606v1

An index for the Dirac operator on D3 branes with background fluxes

Eric Bergshoeff , Renata Kallosh , Amir-Kian Kashani-Poor , Dmitri Sorokin , Alessandro Tomasiello
Journal of High Energy Physics, 2005, 2005 (10), pp.102-102. ⟨10.1088/1126-6708/2005/10/102⟩
Article dans une revue hal-02299456v1
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Multi-scale geometrical Lagrangian statistics: Extensions and applications to particle-laden turbulent flows

B. Kadoch , Maxime Bassenne , Mahdi Esmaily-Moghadam , Kai Schneider , Marie Farge , et al.
Proceedings of the CTR Summer Program, pp.53-62, 2016
Proceedings/Recueil des communications hal-03969510v1

All-Orders Quadratic-Logarithmic Behavior for Amplitudes

Benjamin Basso , Lance J Dixon , Yu-Ting Liu , Georgios Papathanasiou
Physical Review Letters, 2023, 130 (11), pp.111602. ⟨10.1103/PhysRevLett.130.111602⟩
Article dans une revue hal-04037986v1
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Les enjeux des états modifiés de la conscience et de la cognition : limites passées et émergence de nouveaux paradigmes

Guillaume Dumas , Martin Fortier , Juan C González
Intellectica - La revue de l’Association pour la Recherche sur les sciences de la Cognition (ARCo), 2017, Les états modifiés de conscience en question: anciennes limites et nouvelles approches 67, pp.7-24
Article dans une revue pasteur-01567897v1

The limits of career concerns in federalism: evidence from China

Petra Persson , Ekaterina Zhuravskaya
Journal of the European Economic Association, 2016, 14 (2), pp.338-374. ⟨10.1111/jeea.12142⟩
Article dans une revue halshs-01313799v1

On the cooling-schedule dependence of the dynamics of mean-field glasses

Andrea Montanari , Federico Ricci-Tersenghi
Physical Review B: Condensed Matter and Materials Physics (1998-2015), 2004, 70, pp.134406
Article dans une revue hal-00290612v1

Finite-Length Scaling for Iteratively Decoded LDPC Ensembles

Abdelaziz Amraoui , Andrea Montanari , Tom Richardson , Ruediger Urbanke
Pré-publication, Document de travail hal-00290616v1

Finite-Length Scaling and Finite-Length Shift for Low-Density Parity-Check Codes

Abdelaziz Amraoui , Andrea Montanari , Tom Richardson , Rudiger Urbanke
Allerton, 2004, United States
Communication dans un congrès hal-00290621v1

Coding for Network Coding

Andrea Montanari , Ruediger Urbanke
Pré-publication, Document de travail hal-00290780v1

TP Decoding

Yi Lu , Cyril Measson , Andrea Montanari
Allerton, 2007, United States. pp.0
Communication dans un congrès hal-00290787v1

Finite size scaling for the core of large random hypergraphs

Amir Dembo , Andrea Montanari
Pré-publication, Document de travail hal-00290820v1

Phase diagram of ν=12+12 bilayer bosons with interlayer couplings

Zhao Liu , Abolhassan Vaezi , Cécile Repellin , Nicolas Regnault
Physical Review B: Condensed Matter and Materials Physics (1998-2015), 2016, 93 (8), pp.085115. ⟨10.1103/PhysRevB.93.085115⟩
Article dans une revue hal-01286155v1

Snow precipitation on Mars driven by cloud-induced night-time convection

Aymeric Spiga , David P. Hinson , Jean-Baptiste Madeleine , Thomas Navarro , Ehouarn Millour , et al.
Nature Geoscience, 2017, 10 (9), pp.652 - 657. ⟨10.1038/ngeo3008⟩
Article dans une revue insu-01640088v1
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A nonlinear Poisson transform for Einstein metrics on product spaces

Olivier Biquard , Rafe Mazzeo
Journal of the European Mathematical Society, 2011, 13, 5, pp.1423-1475. ⟨10.4171/JEMS/285⟩
Article dans une revue hal-02928853v1
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Smoothness Analysis for Probabilistic Programs with Application to Optimised Variational Inference

Wonyeol Lee , Xavier Rival , Hongseok Yang
Proceedings of the ACM on Programming Languages, 2023, 7, pp.335 - 366. ⟨10.1145/3571205⟩
Article dans une revue hal-03936759v1
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Environmental vulnerability of the global ocean epipelagic plankton community interactome

Samuel Chaffron , Erwan Delage , Marko Budinich , Damien Vintache , Nicolas Henry , et al.
Science Advances , 2021, 7 (35), pp.eabg1921. ⟨10.1126/sciadv.abg1921⟩
Article dans une revue hal-03443359v2

Variational discretization for rotating stratified fluids

Mathieu Desbrun , Evan S. Gawlik , Francois Gay-Balmaz , Vladimir Zeitlin
Discrete and Continuous Dynamical Systems - Series A, 2014, 34 (2), pp.477-509. ⟨10.3934/dcds.2014.34.477⟩
Article dans une revue hal-01088890v1
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What aspects of future rainfall changes matter for crop yields in West Africa?

Kaiyu Guan , Benjamin Sultan , Michela Biasutti , Christian Baron , David B. Lobell
Geophysical Research Letters, 2015, 42 (19), pp.8001 - 8010. ⟨10.1002/2015GL063877⟩
Article dans une revue hal-01496734v1
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Sustained deep-tissue voltage recording using a fast indicator evolved for two-photon microscopy

Zhuohe Liu , Xiaoyu Lu , Vincent Villette , Yueyang Gou , Kevin Colbert , et al.
Cell, 2022, 185 (18), pp.3408-3425.e29. ⟨10.1016/j.cell.2022.07.013⟩
Article dans une revue hal-03795400v1
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Marriages of Mathematics and Physics: a challenge for Biology

Arezoo Islami , Giuseppe Longo
Progress in Biophysics and Molecular Biology, 2017, Integral Biomathics 2017: The Necessary Conjunction of Western and Eastern Thought Traditions for Exploring the Nature of Mind and Life, 131, pp.179-192. ⟨10.1016/j.pbiomolbio.2017.09.006⟩
Article dans une revue hal-03319553v1
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A census of dense cores in the Taurus L1495 cloud from the Herschel Gould Belt Survey

K. A. Marsh , J. M. Kirk , Ph. Andre , M. J. Griffin , V. Könyves , et al.
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, 2016, 459 (1), pp.342--356. ⟨10.1093/mnras/stw301⟩
Article dans une revue hal-01440144v1

Exceptional preservation of fossil plant spores in high-pressure metamorphic rocks

Sylvain Bernard , Karim Benzerara , Olivier Beyssac , N. Menguy , Francois Guyot , et al.
Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 2007, 262, pp.257-272. ⟨10.1016/j.epsl.2007.07.041⟩
Article dans une revue istex hal-00310250v1